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Just wanna make you feel Fabulous!!

Hello I'm Ana and I'm so happy you are here! My reason for being in the beauty industry is because I love to take care of people and make them look and feel better. I'm a feisty (people call me that, I say passionate) Puertorrican girl, wife and mom of 5 (and a few extras that are claimed as mine). I'm also an Army veteran and my main loves are my family, friends, my kitty Rossi (check him out in the gallery) but I'm also in love with my career.  

      As a woman I believe in girl power, in being approachable and keeping it real and providing a comfortable space for my clients. As an entrepreneur I believe in being an example of hard work and I like to prove it by perfecting my craft. My extra time goes into advanced education to bring the best products and techniques back to my clients. My credentials include serving as an Esthetics and Cosmetology Instructor locally and assisting mayor companies in training classes and conferences around the US. Recently I was featured in a Hispanic entrepreneurship magazine.

      My goal is to make you feel right at home when you come to visit me. Most of my clients are now long time friends and I've served different generations within their families. I will take care of you and your baby, Mama and Dad and specially Grandma if you need me to. Come by for hair, for a facial, for coffee (clients love my coffee) or simply for a hug! Can't wait to serve you. 

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